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"I spent actually a lot of time [by Michael’s] side, you know, talking to him; actually I told him everything about my first test with Williams, you know! […] I really hope that, uh…he can be strong to wake up and enjoy his life again, you know? And I’m really praying for that every day." [x]

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Don’t you guys get tired of venting your hate on him or what?

Like hello? this is formula 1 not “oh well I’m in p1 and therefore I deserve the win more than you”!

You guys always complain that Team orders are a shame to this sport and they kill the action and the fun, and when finally a driver…

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Everyone was highly disappointed, even angry, because Seb ignored team-order but what really makes me angry is, that Red Bull always says: “We don’t HAVE team-order. If one of our drivers is faster than the other, that’s fine, he can overtake”, and now this team is not even better than Ferrari or…

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Okay just had to say this

All the backlash Seb is receiving is just getting a bit too much now.Yes he didn’t listen to the team order but he isn’t exactly known for following team orders now is he ?Mark quite a few times has decided to ignore these team orders of course he hasn’t received…

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Welcome to Formula 1!

    People: Team orders shouldn't be allowed, we want real racing, we want to see partners fight for the win.
    Seb: okay cool, Lemme win this
    People: omg you silly boy, childish and selfish twat, you should have left Mark win, you are disobeying team orders, prick.
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Both of us, we are Team Germany (x)

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words can’t explain how much i love this photo


words can’t explain how much i love this photo

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Suits - Zane vs. Zane

Harvey Specter

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And slowly, over time, everything changes. You’re not some young thing anymore and you no longer believe in fairytales and “perfect” isn’t in your vocabulary. And suddenly, here’s this man, and he becomes so familiar to you that one day you find yourself looking at him thinking, “I could love this person for the rest of my life if I tried and I wanna try.” So you decide to get married again for the second time and it’s nothing like the first time, it’s better because it’s the last time.

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Michael Schumacher 


Michael Schumacher 

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I also just want to say, that after nine seasons, definitely my favorite moments have been looking in your eyes, and seeing your smiles, and seeing your faces light up when you see us- on the street or wherever we are- hearing your stories whether they’re heartbreaking or hilarious. The fans of the show have truly touched me in ways that I never thought possible. So, for that, I am forever grateful, and I love you dearly. Thank you so much. 

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